Ryan Duhaime

My journey started one morning roughly six years ago. I was getting ready for work and went down to tie my shoes and by the time I stood up, I was out of breath. I said to myself "I'm not even thirty yet!" The days of eating what I want and getting away with it had far caught up with me. I had lost myself in life and work with no routine or base of nutrition, I stood there 6'1, 295lbs which was a 42" waist for me.  

It was time for a change. I stopped drinking energy drinks and tried to clean up some of the junk food that had become my normal. I had ZERO interest in joining a gym so I started "running" (running is a great term because it doesn't matter how fast you are - a fast walk to sprinting speeds - we are all runners!) This was a daunting task I could maybe shuffle my feet for short lengths between mile makers. I remember having a friend run with me and he would blaze ahead and come back the whole time to keep me going, it was what I really needed at the time. My competitive spirit was born. If he could do it, why couldn't I?

Lets fast track maybe six months...I have lost some weight and am feeling great! I joined a gym...ugh! I had to. The weather wasn't always cooperative and I didn't want to "fall off the wagon" or get bored. If I just put on some headphones no one will even know I'm there, right? It was working, but the routine was setting in and I was doing the same stuff Monday-Friday. I wanted to be excited, I needed to be, but what, where, who?

I FOUND IT! It was always there too, was I just afraid to look? "Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity". What does that mean to you? It means FUN! I found something EXCITING, sure I struggled and found myself laying on the floor after workouts, but so was everyone else, EVEN the FIT people! I made new friends (that's hard as an adult!). After a few years, I was sure this was it for me! I was in and wanted to know more, learn more and help people! I went and took a certificate course and who knew I would be where I am today!?

This is my passion. I want to help and not just the young people, the sports athletes, the college jocks, but EVERYONE. I want to make you fitter, healthier and more capable outside of the gym so you can all lead a happy, healthy, and adventurous life.  If you never thought you'd join a gym or workout in "group classes"  I hear you, I was there too.  Lets give it a try, I can't wait to meet you!


– Foundations course

– Intro to Fitness